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Book 2: What would you do? 

What if your loved one was cursed with the Sleep of Death?

What if your dragon tells you a wild story about a mystical elixir that might or might not be a cure?

You set out to find it...

What if you might have to drown to get there?

You keep going.

But what if you forget why you came?

You hope to have a good friend with you to remind you.

Find out more about Prince Darinel and Idunal’s adventures in the underwater city Aquaria.

Darinel And The Dragons OF Aquaria will be released in Spring 2016 with MuseItUp Publishing.





Book 1: What would you do?

What if you were dared to hunt a dragon when you hate violence?

What if you just want to settle down after months of traveling, but only if you killed the dragon?

What if you are lonely in a new environment even though everybody is very friendly and expects you to kill the dragon?

You set out to hunt it...

But what if instead you find a friend?

You hide your friendship.

Find out more about Prince Darinel and his adventures on his journey with his new friend.

Darinel Dragonhunter was released in June 2013 with MuseItUp Publishing

Oh, and by the way would you kill your best friend for the girl you fell in love with?


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