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My second book

DARINEL & the Dragons of Aquaria is out

Great news! I just signed the contract for my second book: Darinel and the Dragons of Aquaria with Museitup Publishing. It is scheduled for the fall.



Can friendship defy a sea dragon’s magic? Idunal and Darinel have to break the spell in time to save princess Tuskja.    

Come on over to Short Kids Stories. My short story 

Unforseen Aventures - Hidden Treasures is featured there for a week.

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We are celebrating and now is the time if you haven't gotten my book yet!

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Museitup Publishing Anniversary Sale




Three of my short stories went live on this great webpage full of wonderful short stories for kids. Come and check it out: 



We had great fun at our release party on facebook.

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Darinel Dragonhunter Facebook Launch Party



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New books and stories I am working on:



Darinel and the Dragons of Aquaria: More adventures of Darinel and his dragon


Nordic Ski Mystery Series: Help Lily and Ethan solves fascinating and sometimes scary mysteries in the chilly world of Cross-Country Skiing